PlayStation 5 Craze: No Need To Line Up In Panic, Says Sony

Photo via PlayStation on YouTube.

It’s been a week since Sony unveiled the look of the PlayStation 5 console and the gamers are getting more and more eager. There is still no official information about preorders, but the rumor mill suggests it can be dropped any time without a warning.

However, these rumors are baseless and you don’t have to camp outside stores in hopes to be the first to grab your PS5, says Sony. According to Eric Lempel, PlayStation Network’s senior vice president of marketing, the customers will definitely be timely notified about the pre-orders.

Lempel revealed this in his recent interview with a gaming journalist Geoff Keighley but didn’t offer much information about the potential PS5 sales dates. So far, Sony has been sticking to the “Holiday 2020” release timeframe.


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