Podhero Will Help You Support Your Favorite Podcasts

Photo via Google Play.

Podhero, an app that allows you to discover new podcasts and support your beloved ones, has been officially launched.

Internet podcasts have been the Klondike of both entertainment and education, often built by knowledgeable enthusiasts. As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, the listeners keep searching for better ways to support their favorite ones. While some posts resort to business affiliations and promos to finance their own work, less than 1.5% podcasts out there actually use this method, says Pete Curley, one of the Podhero’s creators as quoted by TechCrunch.

Participating in a subscription system, however, could increase the annual revenue of the podcast world six times, with no adds necessary, Curley adds.

Podhero allows its subscribers to access their podcasts of choice as well as suggesting new content following your preferences in topics. The app has already acquired almost a million podcasts for its library, with no obligations for most of the creators. Every podcast featured in Podhero will be able to contact the project’s admins any time and claim the revenue raised by their fanbase.


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