Potato Accident on Microsoft Teams Becomes a Sensation

Photo via @PettyClegg on Twitter

Video conference apps continue to spice up the lives of those who have to work and study remotely — mostly by adding filters that can turn you into an onscreen cryptid. And it’s all fun and games until something malfunctions and you become a viral meme.

This is exactly what happened to Lizet Ocampo, a political director from People For the American Way Foundation. While holding an online meeting with her employees, Lizet decided to apply a Microsoft Teams’ “Potato Filter”.

But she never figured out how to turn it off, prompting her to spend the rest of the call as an adorable tuber.

Lizet’s employee Rachel snapped a picture of her computer screen, immortalizing the accidental hilarity. The photo became viral, gaining almost 1 million Twitter likes after she posted it online.

Her boss reportedly welcomed the unexpected Internet fame.


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