Print Yourself This NASA-Backed Necklace PULSE To Stop Touching Your Face

Photo via NASA/JPL.

The waves of the COVID-19 pandemic are rising again, so the preventive measures such as keeping your hands off your face are as relevant as ever. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a subdivision of NASA, has come up with PULSE — a smart device stylized as a necklace that will remind you to keep your hands to yourself. 

PULSE operates on infra-red sensors that will detect whether your hand is nearing your face. The necklace will then vibrate softly, nudging you back to reality and reminding you to be careful. 

The exciting thing is that PULSE is Open Source. JPL put all the ingredients on GitHub: schemes, names of necessary parts, construction guidelines, and CAD files for 3D printers. A single 3V battery will be needed to fuel the device. 


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