ReadyUp Starts A Platform To Unite Gaming And Esports Events

Photo by Fox via Pexels.

ReadyUp has unveiled a new project led by the gaming world icon Roderick Alemania: a platform that helps you to never miss a gaming event. 

Esports and online gaming are going strong — especially during ockdowns all over the world — but both the creators and the audience often lack proper organizing techniques, said Roderick Alemania in his Venture Beat interview. ReadyUp not only meticulously scoops information about various gaming happenings but automatically puts reminders in gamers’ calendars and provides shortcuts for purchasing tickets and merch, registering, attending streams, and more. 

So far, several important industry personas — such as IGN Entertainment’s ex-CEO Mark Jung and Sony PlayStation’s ex-PR chief Carter Lipscomb — have sworn by ReadyUP by investing in the project. ESL Gaming and TopGolf are already among the platform’s partners, and ReadyUp’s first integration into the ESL-owned media was successful. 


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