Red Cross Chief Says We Are Fighting A Second Pandemic That Of Vaccine Fake News


We are in dangerous waters in trying to beat this pandemic. Not only are we fighting a virus but a second pandemic is rearing its head. It is that of misinformation and distrust about the vaccines now available. This is the view of the largest aid network. He offers an example that right from the start people are wary of masks. In the western world, there is a fake news pandemic. We all have to play our part in ensuring the vaccines are widely adopted. If this misinformation and mistrust remain n the fight against this pandemic will be even harder to eradicate. This is not an issue of mistrust so much as it is an issue of misinformation. We have to build trust alongside the acceptance of the vaccine. In order to make a success of the acceptance of vaccines in our communities.

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Our Healthcare Editor, Lisa, has a bullseye on the most relevant industry news. Lisa possesses several incredible talents. For example she has a bullseye on the most relevant news in the health industry, and she can smell a fraud. One of Lisa’s biggest pet peeves is Multi-Level Marketing (or, as refers to it, “snake oil whisperers”), so we are in good hands. Coming from a long line of Washington doctors, Lisa is an OB-GYN dietitian with a Master’s from NYU. She plans to launch free nutrition counseling for pregnant Americans — and, ideally, to people all over the world too. She has also sworn to fight misinformation in the health industry with her bare hands.


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