Rejected Star Wars 9 Script Gets Animated, Leaves Fans Obsessed (VIDEO)


Disney might have rejected Colin Trevorrow’s original movie script for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker in favor of JJ Adams’ production. But it has since leaked online and the fans can’t stop praising it. And now an independent Australian animator Ethan Taylor turned the screenplay into a short movie that became a hit.

The movie, titled Duel Of The Fates is two-months of work that captures the gist of Trevorrow’s story. It is also a collaboration with a popular geek culture videoblogger Mr. Sunday Movies, who narrated the animation in his signature witty style.

Star Wars fans quickly spread the word about Ethan Taylor’s animated short when he uploaded it on YouTube on March 29th, making it go viral.

Colin Trevorrow’s script tells a vastly different story than the one released in December 2019 — for example, Palpatine remains dead, Rose and Leia are more present, Finn inspires the stormtroopers to rebel, Rey has a double-sided lightsaber and Kylo is hunted by a Force Ghost of Luc.

Star Wars fans quickly spread the world about Ethan Taylor’s animated short when he uploaded it on YouTube on March 29th, making it go viral.

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