Samsung Will Expand Foundry Facilities for Image Sensors, Is Expected To Invest $800,000,000 In The Project

Photo via Unsplash.

Samsung Electronics will extend its plants for CMOS image sensors (CISs). It is planning to transform a section of its Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) production lines in South Korea, to the CIS ones.

The company already made similar changes in 2018, turning a Hwaseong section of its DRAM line 11, founded on 12-inch wafers, to image sensor production line. Now Samsung wants to decrease capability at DRAM line 13 in Hwasung and start working on the CIS reformation.

It is possible to relatively quickly turn the Samsung’s DRAM into a one for making image sensors since the methods are 80% alike, says Business Korea. Some of its chemical vapor deposition (CVD), lithography, etching, and equipment for running tests is suitable for a production like that.

The mass-manufacturing of CIS via the transformed facilities can already start in 2020 when the renewed equipment and machinery are set up and stabilized. As an industry expert reported to Business Korea, Samsung is prepared to invest around $800,000,000 in this project, which is still cheaper than building entirely new facilities instead of transforming the old ones.


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