Scientists Created Human-Mouse Chimera Embryo

Photo via Unsplash.

A human-mouse chimera has become a reality after scientists from the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Centre and Buffalo’s State University created an embryo which is 96% mouse and 4% human.

To achieve the results, the team implanted 10-12 human pluripotent stem cells into developing mouse fetuses on early stages, which, after 17 days, turned into millions of other human cells, including the eye and red blood ones. For an embryo which is exclusively human, a generation process like that would take up to 8 weeks.

This is also the first-ever chimera with such a large set of mature human cells and the experiment can open many doors to human treatment tests since it will help to produce better subjects for experiments. This includes finding solutions for COVID-19 which heavily impacts humans but is almost non-threatening for mice.


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