Slovakian President Intends To Give Orders To Test The Entire Country


A small country of 5 million population has decided to test all its inhabitants for the pandemic. This is meant to take place over a period of two weeks. The technology through test kits is in place and the president has promised to resign if does not take place. He claims that it is in the countries interests and does no harm. It is better to be safe than sorry as the old adage goes. The situation is so bad in Europe that these measures have to be pursued. Although the WHO has just come out with a report that Remdesivir the drug that the president of the US. Is said to have been treated with is not effective for people already in the hospital and is disappointing. It is difficult to see what remedy is to be used if people test positive.

Vaccines are projected to be ready in the US before the end of the year. With the military ready to help in their roll out as soon as they ready in the whole country.

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