Space Adventures And Roscosmos Will Send Two Tourists To Space In 2023, Letting One Spacewalk

Photo by NASA on Unsplash.

Russia’s state space corporation Roscosmos and America’s Space tourism enterprise Space Adventures have announced the shared plan to fly another portion of tourists off the planet in three years – now with extra bonuses.

It’s Space Adventure’s second time teaming up with Roscosmos, with the company reserving places on a Souyz rocket. The first deal was signed for the upcoming 2021 International Space Station flight which will also include two tourists.

But the 2023 trip will be spiced up with the actual extravehicular activity. Space Adventures has entered into a contract with Roscosmos’s RSC Energia, which will let the travelers spend 14 days at the ISS. One of them will be allowed to take a stroll “outside.” This will mark the first such occurrence in the history of private space flights.


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