Spike Turns All Your Emails Into Minimalist Chats

Photo via AppStore.

Spike has recently raised $8 million to strip traditional emails down to the chat-like format. This means that after being merged with it, all the emails from your service of choice, be it Gmail, Outlook, or more will look like simple text messages, which at the very least might offer you some stress relief. 

After getting a taste of dozens, if not hundreds, of different apps aimed to make a daily schedule more organized, users started to gravitate towards some new simplicity that would merge all that motley crew together. Spike has been recently upgraded to fulfill that need by not just making emails more conversation-friendly but also combining numerous popular apps, from email services to sticky note tools. 

Right now, Spike, which is available via browsers as well as in the app form, allows its users to get easy access to all the relevant working accounts in a single window. It is basically a workspace where you can collaborate with your affiliates and smoothly switch between numerous tasks without jumping from tab to tab, or launching one program after another. 


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