T-Mobile Fires Hundreds Of Sprint Workers During 6-minute Call

Photo by Chris Potter via Flickr.

T-Mobile has let go of a massive group of Sprint staff during a call that took no more than six minutes.

The meeting, hosted by James Kirby, the company’s vice president, was dedicated to the elimination of the BISO division. While he didn’t specify the exact amount of people who got laid off, he mentioned that this action was set to create opportunities for two hundred new jobs, reports TechCrunch.

The ousted members were given two months’ notice and were promised severance packages.

However, some of the impacted Sprint specialists have already expressed their frustration, explaining that the situation is still damaging, considering the COVID-19 outbreak hardships.

Two months ago T-Mobile and Sprint finished the merger that cost them $26.5 billion, planning to compete with other wireless colossuses, Verizon and AT&T.


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