Teen’s Murder Solved 40 Years Later With DNA Testing


Mary London, a 17-year-old “developmentally disabled” girl from North Sacramento was found dead on January 15th, 1981. Her battered body was dumped near San Juan road and the police later determined that she succumbed to multiple stabbing wounds. Her killer would not be found for the next four decades until modern science came into play.

Traditional DNA testing combined with investigative genetic geology (the one that helped with catching Joseph James DeAngelo, the alleged Golden State Killer) narrowed down the list of persons of interest and suspects, the investigators declared on April 23rd. Eventually, Mary’s murder was traced to a man named Vernon Parker. His relation to the victim is currently unknown, reports Newsweek.

Investigative genetic geology uses both genetic and genealogical methods to discover offenders and identify human remains through the family members. Law enforcement uses databases such as GEDmatch and Family Tree DNA to discover the leads.


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