The Myth Refuses To Die: People Still Link Covid-19 to 5G

Photo by Xavier von Erlach on Unsplash

Irrespective of the science people are still linking 5G to the Coronavirus. There are numerous theories and far- fetched rationale linking the two unrelated activities. 

From New Agers, QAnon followers and even celebrities like Woddy Harrelson & M.I.A all continuing to spread such claims to millions of fans and followers. 

Given what we know about 5G these theories should not hold up and here is why. 

First when Wuhan, China saw the first outbreak in 2019 and the roll out of 5G was beginning to roll out people tried to link the two events. Maps began circulating showing areas in the US with 5G networks having the highest incidence of Covid-19. In reality the network operators identify high density populations to roll out their services as that is where they perceive the highest useage. High density areas also unfortunately spread the virus faster. 

There is equally no evidence to show that wireless airwaves cause cancer, This has been debunked as research shows there is insufficient energy levels radiated by cell phones to damage DNA or heat up body tissues. There energy levels are actually lower than household appliances like microwave cookers and televisions. 

One of the Countries hardest hit by the virus is Iran who have not rolled out 5G networls. There is little to show via numerous scientific studies that electromagnetic fields used by cell phones affects peoples health. Cell phone useage would have been halted ages ago if that were the case. 

We need to understand what 5G is and it is a next generation wireless network that will spur numerous technologies which will change our world as we know it. Although this is much further away than we anticipate given the costs associated with rolling out 5G networks and applying the relevant technologies that will make self driving cars, trains, automated factories and similar changes to what exists today. 

The basic difference between what exists today 3G and 4G is speed. 5G is by far faster using higher bandwidths enabling better communication speeds. 

To implement  5G will require a major overhaul of the existing network infrastructure in place it is those changes that are new and hence viewed with suspicion causing the many fictitious stories surrounding this new technology. 

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