Twitter Introduces Audio Tweets For Selected iOs Users

Photo via Official Twitter account.

IOs users are now able to post audio tweets: 140-second long voice memos recorded directly via the Twitter app. The new feature has already been integrated into its latest version.

The recorded message option is currently available for the original posting only: you can’t use it to reply to others. After you tap the soundwave icon and record your tweet, the app will convert it into a soundbite with your profile picture as a cover. Note that the said cover will remain unchanged forever, even if you decide to switch to a different icon.

If you continue to record past the 140 seconds mark, Twitter will automatically switch to the thread mode with separate audio files.

Time will tell if this renovation will endure any changes — or stay at all. Twitter admits that the recorded tweets might not gain popularity, so this option is currently being introduced in a test mode for only some of the said iOs users.


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