Twitter To Introduce Better Verification Request

Photo via @wongmjane,

It has never been easy to get blue-checked on Twitter. The rules for acquiring the “verified” mark are quite vague and confusing, but this might change soon, according to a reputable industry insider.

According to the scoop from a user @wongmjane, Twitter will update the account settings with the “Request Verification” option. She attached screenshots which demonstrated the new look of the Twitter app as well.

Users — mainly public figures — were able to submit their verification requests before, but the procedure was far from perfect and sometimes led to handling the “verified” icon to controversial figures such as extremist leaders or questionable businesses. According to TechCrunch, Twitter was able to confirm that Wongmjane’s discovery was legit and that the verification procedure had been perfected with more publicity. For instance, it will reveal the more polished and transparent guidelines to explain what makes a certain Twitter user eligible for verification.


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