Uber Can Lose GrubHub Before Even Properly Getting It

Photo via Pexels.

Uber’s ambitious plans to acquire GrubHub, an American service specializing in delivering food from a variety of venues, may fall through. Two big companies are eyeing the service as well, reports CNBC.

The U.K.-based Just Eat Takeaway (which also presents in Holland) can boast €426.8 million in gross 2019 revenue, which is 78% more than that of 2018. With prosperity like that, the service’s desire to get GrubHub for itself is not surprising. Another company that wants to grub it is the German-founded Delivery Hero, which reported post-pandemic revenue has risen up to 92% with €515 million.

It wasn’t immediately clear how much are these companies ready to pay for the GrubHub merge since even Uber itself has yet to negotiate the proper deal. Uber has lately offered GrubHub $60 for each share, which reportedly did not satisfy them.


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