Uber’s New AI Will Report Drivers Without Face Masks

Photo via Pexels.

The Uber app will now contain a vision algorithm designed to scan drivers’ selfies and detect if they are wearing their face mask.

Starting May 18th only the drivers who cover their faces properly will be permitted to get riders. If they show up with no face mask on a regular basis, they will be banned from Uber.

According to the Venture Beat, a lot of Uber drivers worry that the new AI might turn into the Real-Time ID Check fiasco all over again. This in-app security tool, which scans drivers’ selfies and compares them to the pictures from Uber’s database, is notorious for misidentifying people of color and women, wrongfully locking them out of the Uber system for days.

But Uber claims that the face mask AI is not akin to the Real-Time ID Check since it doesn’t biometric info.


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