UV-cleaning Robots Make U.S. Airport Debut In Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh International Airport becomes the first American hub to use ultraviolet for cleaning and disinfecting its venues. The traditional floor scrubbing machines made by Nilfisk have received an upgrade in form of the UVC fixtures provided by Carnegie Robotics.

This isn’t the only outcome of the PIA’s recent cooperation with the Pittsburgh developer. Carnegie Robotics also created the AI systems for the cleaners, helping them roam the building and carry out their mission on their own.

Of course, the UV disinfection feature doesn’t mean getting rid of the old school cleanse. The UV light will come into play only after the cleaners use water pressure and disinfection with chemicals.

Plus, this technology is currently experimental. The UV light was proved to kill other coronaviruses, but its effect on the one that leads to COVID-19 is unknown.


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