UV-cleaning Robots Make U.S. Airport Debut In Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh International Airport becomes the first American hub to use the ultraviolet rays for cleaning and disinfecting its venues. The traditional Nilfisk floor scrubbing machines have received an upgrade — UVC fixtures provided by Carnegie Robotics, The Verge reported on May 7th.

This isn’t the only outcome of the airport’s recent partnership with the Pittsburgh-based developer. Carnegie Robotics also created the AI and robotic systems for the cleaners, so they could roam the building and carry out their mission on their own. 

Of course, the UV disinfection retrofit doesn’t mean getting rid of the old school cleanse. The UV light will come into play only after the cleaners use water pressure and chemical disinfectants on the surfaces. After all, this technology is currently experimental. It has been proven that UV light kills other coronaviruses, but its effect on the one that causes COVID-19 is unknown. 

Nevertheless, this collab between Pittsburgh’s airport and Carnegie Robotics has all chances to become successful and get adopted by other airports in the U.S. — not just for the COVID-19 pandemic, but for future sanitizing measures as well.


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