Verizon Blasted For Misleading 5G Advertising

Photo by Unsplash.

The Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division has slammed Verizon for it’s dubious and overhyped promotion of 5G networks.

The highly-anticipated introduction of 5G in America is seriously lacking in quality, but Verizon keeps priding itself in being the “First to 5G,” according to the campaign. At the same time, the provider remains fixated on rolling it out on sports arenas and stadiums, where 5G can truly shine, according to the company.

This didn’t sit right with the BBB, so it called Verizon out saying that this false advertising needs to cease some of its boldest claims. For instance, the provider has announced that it was creating “the most powerful 5G experience” for the U.S., while in real life its 5G has been unreliable and spotty. Some other ads from the Verizon campaign have been based on fast-moving footage accompanied by unreadable lettering.

According to the Venture Beat, Verizon has already agreed to change its declarations but it also plans to appeal the BBB’s objections to the National Advertising Review Board


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