Vigilante Hackers Target Scammers Through Ransomware

Photo via Pexels.

The members of a hacker group CyberWare are out for some scammer blood. According to their own Twitter confession, they have created ransomware titled MilkmanVictory — and it is designed specifically for targeting online conmen.

According to the group’s interview with BleepingComputer, CyberWare is focused on so-called “loan scams” right now, which trick their victims into thinking they can receive a loan after making a payment beforehand. CyberWare sends phishing emails with PDF files to the groups that design these scams. In reality, the PDFs attachments are the executable files that harbor the ransomware.

MilkmanVictory is not ransomware in a traditional sense since CyberWare does not demand any actual ransom for the attacked scammers. In fact, MilkmanVictory does not even provide them with a way to reach the hackers and does not save the encryption keys. A note appears on their computers which says: “Hello! This computer has been destroyed with the MilkmanVictory Ransomware because we know you are a scammer! – CyberWare Hackers :-).”

As a part of their anti-scammers campaign, CyberWare also uses DoS attacks to crash the fraudsters’ websites. They have already brought down a German-based Lajunen Loan with DoSing and MilkmanVictory emails.


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