Zoom To Increase Encryption After The Overwhelming Growth In Users

Photo via Unsplash.

After the total number of Zoom’s users skyrocketed by 50% in the past few weeks, the company decided to adopt some additional measures regarding the app’s safety.

Just in the last 22 days Zoom’s audience crossed the 300 million daily users mark. The app is especially popular among school and college students and staff, media workers, and politicians who use it for conference calls with multiple participants.

On April 22nd Zoom Video Communications Inc. announced several updates including for Version 5.0, including 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) keys and AES 256-bit GCM, a scheme which is more secure and complicated.

Account managers will also be able to bypass certain data regions, reports Mashable. The “Data Routing Control” option allows the user to “omit Zoom data center locations” over the globe, limiting the places where the conference calls data can be routed.

The app has previously received harsh criticism of its functionality. These concerns were coming from both the users and cybersecurity experts, who list buggy codes and the lack of proper encryption among the video messenger’s weakest links.


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