Zoom Uses the Quarantine to Get Your Data Without Permission

Photo via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.

Over the last month Zoom has become a saving grace in the period of social distancing. But the iOS version of that app transfers it’s users data to Facebook without its users  knowledge. And it doesn’t matter if they have a Facebook account, reports Vice.

According to their investigation, as soon as someone launches the Zoom app on their device, it automatically creates a compilation of their personal info. It includes the gadget’s model, the geotag, and the mobile carrier’s name.

Finally, the app grabs the users unique IDFA (Apple’s advertising ID) and then sends everything to Facebook. It is worth noting that you might not be registered on that social media service: Facebook will share your data with numerous different companies anyway.

Then you will be bombarded with targeted advertising based on the acquired info.

The software developers of Zoom Video Communication never warned their users about sending data to Facebook. The Zoom app’s privacy policy only mentions “our third-party service providers, and advertising partners” as possible data recipients, but doesn’t specify any names.


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